Glory isn´t given, it´s earned! GG! 🦒Together we are glorious, we adapt easily and keep moving forward.

Phase I: Preparation & Launch

  • Project Concept Development
  • Focus on High Quality Art Only high quality and unique Glorious Giraffes.
  • Launch Discord and Twitter
  • Release Whitepaper & Roadmap Development of a clear and comprehensible Glorious Giraffes project Whitepaper and Roadmap.
  • Launch Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Conducting a comprehensive marketing campaign for our project.

Phase II:

  • Get doxxed by Launchpad. before mint, the founding team will be private doxxed to a launchpad of our choosing.
  • Publish Website
  • Announce Mint Day, Price and Supply
  • Glorious Giraffes Mint

Phase III: Giraffes Expansion

  • Listing on Secondary Marketplaces Magic eden & Opensea.
  • Release Rarity System and Sale Tools.
  • Launch GiraffeLand DAO: One of our goals is to allow the community to have the decision-making power and to make the project evolve according to our holders needs and ambitions. Hold any Glorious Giraffes NFT to get access to the Giraffe Land through Matrica verification. The DAO Treasury Wallet will be funded by royalties and fees. Community will decide what to do with the funds and NFTs by voting on proposals. A percentage of royalties will be directly deposited into this wallet, which will be used to develop and expand the Glorious Giraffes ecosystem, and provide additional benefits and rewards to holders. We will be offering whitelist (pre-sale) opportunities for other projects, investment opportunities (alpha calls) and giveaways exclusively to members of our DAO.
  • Release Tokenomics Development of a clear and comprehensible Glorious Giraffes Tokenomics.
  • $ Token Contract Release Officially confirmed Token Contract Address with $GGT total supply.
  • Snapshot & Airdrop: “Glorious snapshot” of holder wallets. Those who were delisted at the moment of the snapshot will be receiving a 1:1 airdrop. The NFT that you will receive is critical to the on-chain utility of our collection. The Glorious Journey begins with this item.
  • Glorious Staking The NFT staking smart contract provides passive income to holders of every NFT collection of Glorious Giraffes. The longer staking period you choose, the more income you will get.
  • $GGT Tokens Staking Two $GGT staking options will be available. You can choose from: flexible or locked pool. APR yield and increased interest for those who stake for a long term. Will be available on our website.
  • Mystery Aidrops V2. Mystery boxes will contain different things inside and you will have a chance to receive: SOL, NFTs from the best Solana collections and more. Will be free options for receiving Mystery Airdrops for GiraffeLand DAO members.
  • Update Giraffes Website V3: With Website V3 you will have access to such Features as: NFT and $GGT Staking, DAO Governance & Voting, Trading Volumes on Secondary Marketplaces, Analytics Dashboard, and more will be available.

Phase IV:

  • Further Marketing & Collaborations Glorious Giraffes: team is ambitious, so we really want the best for our community, we plan to work with the best partners only. We set goal to make our Glorious Giraffes project to be one of the biggest on Solana with the best benefits to our holders. We recognize the importance of marketing and plan to continue driving hype around the project using powerful marketing campaigns.
  • Team Expansion Hire talented people to bring our ideas to life, ideally from the SOL community. All new jobs will be published on Twitter or in our Discord server.

RoadMap V2:

  • Glorious Giraffe Tool: With the arrival and expansion of the Glorious team we will start with the development of our exclusive tool for our holders. Together we will build a truly glorious project.
  • Partner projects integration in Metaverse Expanding our project is the main goal we strive for. We plan to integrate in our metaverse other projects. The main goal is to build a strong committed community.
  • Glorious Giraffes Merch: T-Shirts, hoodies, hats, ashtrays, rolling papers, Lighters, grinders and more! As a Glorious Giraffe NFT holder, you will receive a discounted - price on all Online Store Items.