Our concept is simple: to be original and create the best NFT project, bringing something new to the Solana ecosystem. After all, the project won't be that interesting, even despite its numerous utilities, if it isn't surrounded by cool people. Right?

The most important driver of the project are Giraffe NFT holders. We want to increase the value of our NFTs. That is why at the initial stage we will introduce as many features as possible: staking, WL Collabs Opportunities, DAO Governance & Voting, Alpha Calls, Mistery Airdrops and much more.

Main future goal is to transform The Glorious Giraffes universe into DAO, by this we mean: we want Giraffes NFT holders to have the ability to vote on development and Glorious Giraffes ecosystem. All of this will ensure its decentralization.

We are building a lot of Short-term, Medium-term and Long-term plans and goals for our holders.

We don't want to change the future, we want to be glorious on the way. We truly believe that the power of Glorious DAO can change the future of blockchain for the better. We truly want to build a world ecosystem and community to enjoy.

Lets build together, as one Glorious Community, GG! -The Glorious Team.

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