🏝️GiraffeLand DAO

GiraffeLand is a Decentralized Autonomus Organization, run by the community. Since proposals for votes will be put forward by community members (NFT holders), this experience will strengthen the overall state of the project.

You will have the option to join GiraffeLand DAO, if you hold at least 1 Glorious Giraffes NFT and are verified via Matrica Labs.

Each GiraffeLand DAO member will be able to vote or submit a Development Proposal, Investment Proposal, DAO Treasury Wallet funds distribution proposal. Glorious Giraffes team can also submit proposals for voting. To stimulate meaningful ideas, the team will reward members for successful proposals with $GGT tokens.

COMMUNITY INCENTIVES: Glorious rewards for holders. To start, every holder will be granted access into our discord community and lifetime benefits of Glorious Giraffes roadmap.

DAO Leaders

You can also become a leader in GiraffeLand DAO. The Leaders are chosen among 2 groups: The Giraffe whales and significant community members. Based on voting, The Leaders, in cooperation with the team, will make key decisions on community proposals. They will also have power over part of the DAO Treasury funds.

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